What the 90 day challenge has taught me

October 26, 2021

In August, I started a 90 day challenge to write a blog, a vlog and 2 Instragram posts a week for 90 days. The goal of the challenge was finding my voice in creating content and honoring the commitment to myself. I will officially complete the challenge the week of October 25th.

It has been an interesting journey.

In the first 30 days, there was excitement in writing content. Ideas were flowing out and I was enjoying the process. It felt easy at that time. My thought was “I can create anything”. With that thought, I felt empowered and full of inspiration.

Somewhere, during the next 30 days, I started to struggle. It took longer to produce content. The excitement was fading and dread started to creep in. Ideas were not flowing as seamlessly as they did 1 month ago. I notice there was a shift in my thought “I am not sure what to say” “Is my content good enough?” Self-doubt was replacing the excitement.

However, the second month ended up being the most powerful month of all.

I learned that there are going to be days and weeks that I don’t feel like writing or making vlogs. That is ok. I can still produce content even though I may not be feeling inspired. I can sit with the feelings and still write. I am honoring the commitment I made to my past self. My past self, who was taking steps to become the future version of me, honors herself and can still do hard things even when she may not feel like it.

This month, I had difficult days and still kept the promise to myself. I had days where inspiration struck me and I wrote furiously before inspiration faded away. I felt every emotion (sadness, anger, happiness, excitement, dread, numb etc) and still channeled it into my website and instragram. Now, I have 11 vlogs, 1 value video, 12 blog posts and 26 instagram posts where I can see growth in real time.

As I am close to the end of the final 30 days, the future self is now my present self. My present self who is celebrating the completion of the challenge. (Popcorn and binging on last season of Brooklyn 911!). My present self, who has found her voice in an unexpected way, is ready to create and give back to the world.

Let the journey begin.

What 90 day challenge will you do before 2021 is over? Email me at Celia@mindsetcoachmd.com. I would love to hear from you!

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