What does it Look like to Love Yourself?

September 22, 2021

I am an action-orientated gal.

If there is a project to get done, deadline or time-sensitive goal–> I have no problem completing it.

What do I struggle with the most?

Celebrating my wins.

I notice that I have a tendency of completing a task and moving on to the next. I don’t give myself credit for what I have achieved. And that is not ok.


Because I am becoming a boss that doesn’t celebrate herself. A boss that doesn’t say ‘Awesome work you did today!’ ‘I am so proud of you!’ ‘Wow, look how much you did in the last 2 months! Great job’

I don’t want to be that boss. I had bosses like that and dread interacting with them. I hated that environment and wanted to leave.

Part of creating a business is becoming the boss you want to work for.

I want to be a boss that celebrates my wins and my employee’s/contractor’s wins. A boss where my staff loves the environment and are passionate with the work that we do. A boss that can acknowledge the good and self-evaluate the bad.

That is what love looks like. To treat yourself with grace and care. To celebrate what you accomplished and continue to celebrate what you will accomplish week after week.

In doing so, it starts to foster self-love for yourself and having your own back.

That itself is priceless.

What wins did I have and how am I celebrating?

-Completed 1 blog, 1 vlog and 2 IG post last week. I celebrated by telling myself that I did a great job putting out content and working through the discomfort

-Organized our home. I celebrated by having homemade ice cream with my husband and enjoying each other’s company.

-Finishing up the final touches of my website copy- I celebrated by enjoying spending time with our cat, Mia

What are your celebration wins that you had so far? I would love to hear them! Feel free to comment below!

I love working with clients and celebrating their wins

This is just the beginning of what my clients experience in their transformation.

This can happen for you too.

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