The top 3 things I help my clients realize is…

September 15, 2021

1) There is nothing wrong with you. It is ok to feel anger, sadness, fear, frustration, overwhelm and all the emotions that comes with being in a career that you dread. You are human and having a human experience. And that’s ok.

2) You can be uncomfortable and do hard things. That is your mind being stretched to experience new possibilities that you never had before. All it means is that you are growing and learning more about yourself.

3) The secret to success for your dream career is YOU. You are the driving force for building the career that you love and envision. Anything is possible as long as you show up and are willing to do the work.

This is just the beginning of what my clients experience in their transformation.

This can happen for you too.

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Meet Celia!

Hi, I am Celia Varghese, psychiatrist and career clarity coach. It is my mission to help women physicians build a career they love and enjoy, whether that’s inside or outside of medicine.

Combining my skills as a psychiatrist and career coach, I help women physicians discover the things that are stopping them from creating the careers and lives that they want and to take action today so they can live the life they want tomorrow.

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