How is your relationship with your career?

May 5, 2022

I was self-coaching myself the other day and came across an interesting question in my worksheet: how would you describe your relationship with money?

The question lingered in my mind but in a different context: how would you describe your relationship with your career?

“Ball and chain?”  “Well sustained marriage?”  “Marriage that’s lost its glow?”

“Traumatic?” “Looking for a way out?” “Couldn’t picture a better career?”

Reflecting back, I would have described my previous career as “Rug pulled out from under me.”  It was different from what I thought medicine was like compared to the realities of practicing medicine.

I didn’t expect that the sacrifice of time with friends and family would continue.  I thought that was expected for a resident but as an attending, I would have more free time.  As an attending, the hours were used up by charting, commuting and catching up on administrative work.  

I didn’t expect that it would continue to be a hustle culture.  My notes were geared towards the metrics that were asked of me.  I was asked to continue to see more patients and increase my workload. 

Reflecting on my previous career now, I would describe it as a relationship that was an ok fit but did not fill my needs in the long run.  I can lovingly say that the experience carved the path to discovering my dream career: coaching.  I appreciated my past self for all she has done to lead me to my current path.

The way I would describe my current career is “a loving marriage where I discovered who I am and who I am evolving to be.  My business and career are growing alongside me”.

With this career, I have more time to spend with my husband every day.  I can care and nurture my son without guilt that I am not in the office helping my clients.  I am building a schedule that suits my current needs and my core values. 

I can step away or step back into my career with ease and without punishment.

I can honestly say I love coaching with all its ebbs and flow.

So I am asking you the million dollar question…

How do you describe your relationship with your career?

If it is anything else than what you desire in your career, maybe it is time to start figuring out what might be a better fit for you.

You are welcome to check out my free guide on choosing the right side-gig for you here.

You are loved, my friends.


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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