Q1 reflections as a Christian coach for mom entrepreneurs

April 4, 2024

Hey Sister in Christ!  Today I’m going to share with my Q1 reflections as a Christian coach for mom entrepreneurs.  So, grab a cup of coffee, find a cozy spot, and continue to read down below!

Q1 had so many memories that made me smile – 

💖 Logan speaking 3 word sentences.  (His first sentence was ‘I go potty!’ 😂)

💖 Mia (our cat) snuggling in my lap after my son goes to sleep

💖 Hubby and I are watching ‘The Addams family’ from the 1950s which we picked up at a library sale which is our low key date nights.

A lot of things went right in my business, too – 

💫 I hit a revenue goal that I had been praying for.

💫 Witnessing transformations and breakthroughs that one of my coaching clients is having which reminds me how much I love coaching.

💫 Seeing how God is working through my business and leaning onto him more than I did in the past with my business.

Even with all the wins in my business and personal life, there was a major mistake that still stands out in my mind.  I still think about it today.

Why is this?

Why do we dwell on the mistakes instead of the wins?

I think it might be because, at the end of the day, God uses our mistakes to direct us on the path he wants us to be.

God also uses our mistakes that make us who we are.

My biggest mistake in Q1 was overcommitting and nearly burning out.

Long story short … 

I went into 2024 thinking I could do it all.  I had ambitious goals and wanted to achieve them before Q2 started.  Because of this, I was pushing myself to work harder.  I ignored my body which was giving signs that I needed to slow down.  February came and I got sick.  It took a month to recover.  

This mistake cost me my health. 

Because of it,  my body is more prone to flare ups especially when I am working too hard.  I was tired of waking up everyday feeling like I got hit by a truck.

It wasn’t great. 

But – this mistake also gave me the wake up call I need to do better going forward.

Next quarter will be better because I learned from this one. 

I know that my type A personality will want to continue to achieve the big goals I want to achieve but I know better than anyone, you only have one body and overworking it will continue to lead to worsening health problems. 

My message to you is…

Keep going but know when to slow down, and know that every challenge, fail, mess up, or blooper is just a sign from God that you’re on the right track and learning the things you need to keep growing to fulfill God’s plan for you. 

With love, 


PS – I go in depth on how to take care of yourself with a biblical lens so you have more time in your personal life without losing time & money in your business in the Faith-Fueled Freedom 1:1 Coaching program.  Click here to learn more about the program. 

Benefits of Faith-Fueled Freedom Mockup

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