How to Process and Own Your Feelings

August 25, 2021

I went on vacation last week. You know, how you envision vacation to be relaxing and stress-free? At least, that is how I hope it would be. Instead, I noticed many feelings coming up.

Judgement for not working on my business

Restlessness for not being productive

Annoyance of how someone was acting towards me

Initially, I tried to resist the feelings. I kept thinking “I don’t need to feel this way.” “I can’t believe that person acted like that”

Instead of the feelings going away, it got heavier I could feel myself getting caught up in the feeling. The intensity of it because stronger; the more I tried to resist it. I was getting caught up in a cycle that I had trouble breaking.

I took a deep breath and started using the coaching tools that I learned. I sat with the feeling. I let myself feel what it is like in it’s pure form. I became aware of it and let it be. I noticed that by allowing myself to process the feeling, the intensity of the feeling started to lose it’s power. It started to diminish into vague semblance of what it used to be. The feeling became manageable just by acknowledging it’s presence. That itself was priceless.

When we resist, avoid or react to the feeling, often times, it gets worse and comes back stronger than ever. By processing the feeling, we allow ourselves to work through what is the feeling telling us and allowing it to have a voice. When the feeling is felt properly, it tends to quiet down. We own our feeling and choose to be in control.

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