Getting CLEAR on what you want

July 22, 2021

It has been an interesting week. I found myself questioning my career path and what direction to take with it. I was looking at my tag line “Helping women physicians and professionals change their mindset from within”. I stared at the words and found myself wondering what does that even mean?

I took a step back and started putting my thoughts on paper.

I noticed a lot of fear and doubt coming out. I also noticed there was confusion on who I want to help. There was also a sense of freedom seeing my thoughts and feelings in front of me.

Just because the thoughts were negative doesn’t mean that they have to stay negative. They are a reflection of my brain for that moment of time. They are not fixed thoughts. The beauty of thought work is deciding how I want to go from here.

I decided to start challenging my thoughts:

“Who do I want to help?”

“Who am I excited to coach?”

“What is my why for coaching?”

“How can I bring clarity to the issue that my clients present to me?

Asking these questions started opening my mind to different thoughts and feelings. I felt myself coming from a place of curiosity instead of fear and doubt. I began brainstorming new ideas and felt clearer on a potential direction that I may take. I began to envision who I am going to reach and help. I felt the excitement thinking of how they were when they first started out with me and the growth they experienced within themselves at the end of our time together.

In doing so, I felt clearer on the path I want to take.

All this from exploring my thoughts on paper. 🙂

Stay tuned to the new changes coming up on this website!

You are loved and enough!


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