Debunking the Myth that To-do Lists Work

August 10, 2021

For the last month, I was writing out a to-do list. I would wake up in the morning, take out my note pad and organize what I need to do for the week.

Some days, I would feel accomplished that I crossed out a decent bit from my to-do list

Other days, I would barely get 1 task done.

What was interested was how I was feeling about my to-do list. Even on days that I would get a decent bit done, I wasn’t feeling accomplished with I did for the day. Something felt off.

I stared at my to-do list trying to figure out what was wrong with it.

Then it hit me.

My to-do list reflected the actions I wanted to take to create results in my life. What was wrong with this statement? Actions don’t create the results in my life.

Thoughts create the results in my life.

I decided to take a different approach this week. I created a belief plan. Belief plan is writing out beliefs/thoughts that empower you to shift your thinking to create the results you want.

My belief plan for today is

“I am a fantastic coach and people want to hear what I want to say”

“I am approaching my business with love, flexibility and joy”

“I love coaching others”

I re-read what I wrote in my notebook. I can feel the excitement and inspiration flowing through me. My brain started churning out ideas of what I would like to accomplish this week. Most importantly, I can feel the shift within myself to a more positive place.

That itself, is priceless to me.

You are loved and enough!

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