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October 6, 2021

It has been an interesting week. I met up with friends who I haven’t seen in awhile.

We had a great time. Inevitability, I am asked “Where are you working?”

I open up saying “I am a CEO of a start up company” I can see intrigue in their eyes.

“Oh really? What do you do?” I answer back “I am a career coach”

Confusion settles in. “So you are not a psychiatrist?” I reply back “Yes, I am a psychiatrist turned career coach”

The response I get back is “Oh ok” and the conversation shifts back into potentials avenues of working as a psychiatrist.

I notice this is happening more than once. It was interesting seeing other people’s reactions to my shift in my career identity.

There was a common thread of noticing the discomfort of talking about my new identity shift. I notice that people didn’t know what to make of it.

It reminded me of what my clients experience. A new change in a career is daunting especially where we are in a society where there is comfort knowing your title and status in the world.

There is fear and doubt in trying something new. Not everyone will understand why you are doing what you are doing. You notice that you want to people please to fit in.

The question that I bring up with myself as well as my clients is “If you didn’t pursue your dreams, would you regret it?” The answer I always get is “Yes“.

I also ask “If no one cared what you did, would you pursue your dream career?” I get the same reply “Yes

Change can be difficult but only if we let ourselves get caught up in the fear and doubt. It can be a beautiful journey as well.

To have a dream which you bring to fruition.

To discover what you are capable of.

To know you were the one to make your dreams reality.

That is worth pursuing.

I would to hear your thoughts on identity shift. Feel free to contact me at

You got this my friend!

With love,


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