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The Faith-Fueled Mompreneur Bundle
October 16-21, 2023

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Celia sitting on the grass

Meet Celia!

Celia’s mission is to help Christian mom entrepreneurs—who are raising kids and running businesses—work with to release and move beyond the “mom guilt.” 

With an impressive background as a board-certified psychiatrist trained in cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy, Celia has expanded her knowledge and skills by obtaining a life coach certification after becoming a mom herself.

Celia has skillfully integrated her expertise to help moms like herself break free from mom’s guilt, prioritize self-care, and nurture their faith, rekindling a powerful inner resilience and steadfast faith in business and motherhood.

When she’s not meeting with clients or playing with her son, Celia savors those quiet hours of the morning where you’ll find her reading the Bible and journaling—usually with her favorite hazelnut oat milk cappuccino nearby.

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