6 steps to accomplish any goal in your business goal growth

November 8, 2022

As a mom and entrepreneur, how many times have you wondered “How am I going to get my business goal done? It’s too much to do”

Yup, that was me too.

You may have felt

– quitting feels easier than trying to make motherhood and entrepreneurship work. 

– exhausted trying to do it all

– wondering how long it will take to get to where you want to be with your business.

But, I am here to tell you- It can be done.

Try this…

🔥Here is my 6 steps to accomplish any goal in your business 🔥

👉🏽 1) What is one major goal you want to accomplish in 3 months?

    Example-Batching social media content for 3 months

👉🏽 2) What are the steps needed to make the goal a reality?

    Example- graphics, hashtags, content, divide how many are reels, stories and 

Posts, decide on how often to post.

👉🏽 3) Rank them by priority.  Pray to God for guidance and wisdom.

    Example a) Write out Content-24 posts to create, post twice a week

            b) Do 8 Reels-plan out where to do reels, music, captions, content

            c) Do 8 stories- plan out graphics & hashtags once content is done

            d) Do 8 IG Posts- plan out graphics & hashtags once content is done

👉🏽 4) Pick the one with the highest priority and schedule blocks of time in your calendar.  Pick a reasonable amount of time that you can work on it (i.e. 20 minutes every other day instead of 3 hours on a jam-packed day).

    Example Goal 1- Write out Content

      a) Spend 20 minutes outlining what I am going to write for content

              b) Schedule 20 minutes to write out content. 

              c) Assess how long it will take and adjust accordingly. 

👉🏽 5) Continue to work on it until it is completed.  Celebrate that you started and also finished your goal! Yay!

a) If you notice it is taking longer than expected or you are procrastinating, ask yourself- Is this goal really important?  Most times, it may not be.  Reassess what is really important and what doesn’t need to be done.  Check in with yourself.  Bring it to God in prayer.

👉🏽 6) Work on the second-highest priority and repeat steps 4-5.  Continue to go down your list until you’ve accomplished your major goal.  

Small, measurable steps will get you to your major goal.  

Once you work on the current step, you will have more data to readjust your priorities and time-line on your next step.

The only way this doesn’t work is if you give up.

Don’t quit. Your people need you.  

Rooting for you, 


P.S.  Interested in learning more?  Book a faith based clarity call here.

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