Are these 3 obstacles holding you back?

October 19, 2021

I have found several common themes that keep people from moving on towards a new career. These themes keep us in line and less willing to challenge the status quo of our lives.

1) Money- “If I switch careers, I won’t have the income that I have now.” “If I switch careers, I will be struggling for money” The money scarcity mindset comes up quite a bit. There tends to be an all or nothing take on it or worst case scenario. It is a fear based driven mindset that can squash any further thoughts on how to overcome it. Instead of coming out from fear, what would it look like if you came from with curiosity? With curiosity, the mind starts open to new ideas and possibilities. If you switch careers, how can you have enough income to make it work? If you switch careers, what steps can you take to make sure you don’t struggle for money?

I was listening to the audiobook, Big Magic where Elizabeth Gilbert mentioned how she was working another job even after she had published three books. She mentioned how she didn’t want her creativity hindered by pressure of her books making money. Rather, she would focus on the love of writing and move alongside her inspiration rather than putting the focus of her passion fueling her income. When her passion did coincide with increased income, it was an added bonus.

I bring up this point that this one way to approach that Elizabeth Gilbert took. From coming from curiosity with money, there might be solution that you may not realize that may help. That’s where the power of coaching comes into play with unlocking answers we may not even realize.

2) Perception- Another objection that is mentioned is the loss of status switching to another career. There is a fear that there will be perceived loss of status with colleagues and friends due to change in career. There is concern that colleagues and friends won’t understand them anymore or they will lose the connection. What I like to remind my clients is that this hasn’t happened yet. If it does, how do you have your own back? I also like to remind my clients of their ‘why’ in regards to change in career. It’s human nature to resist change. Remembering your why and believing in yourself will go a long way to building the career that you envision.

3) Culture – The culture we live in plays a role. Women are expected to run a household, take care of the kids and work. Often, balancing it all can be difficult. Women may go part time and not viewed seriously at work. There is gender pay gap with women earning less than males. If 2020 showed us anything, women are expected to manage it all with lower pay and benefits than men. Stepping out on your own and creating your own career may seem daunting. Breaking through cultural barriers to build our own dreams goes against the cultural norm. It can be terrifying to make the leap. However, it can rewarding to be your own boss of your career. A boss where you can set your own hours and expectations. A boss where you are valued for your time and what you bring to the table. A boss who can be there for your family and not have to compromise on both.

Isn’t that worth considering?

I would love to hear the obstacles standing in your way from making a change. Feel free to email me at

Be well, my friends


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