It is possible to navigate motherhood and entrepreneurship—without burning out.

Celia Varghese MD

Hi there! My name is

Dr. Celia Varghese

“Alright, I can figure this out.  How hard can it be? Famous last words. Maybe you can relate to this?

I tried having set hours to work on my business.  With a newborn son, I quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen.  Taking a shower was a major accomplishment at that point. 

Wait!  Let’s go back a second.

I had just left my psychiatry job and was hoping to rest. It was a stressful job and I needed time to wrap my head around it all. That’s when life took at 180.   It was 5:30 am in the morning.  My hands were shaking while I stared in disbelief.  Clear as a blue sky, the pregnancy test had 2 pink lines.  I was pregnant. 

My heart was racing.  “I am going to be a mom”.   I sat there in silence and prayed.  “Please let this be a viable pregnancy.”  God answered my prayer.  9 months later, my son Logan was born.  Seeing his sweet face for the first time, I wanted to stay home and be with my son.  I also wanted to continue to help others and work. 

I saw how powerful coaching was when I was getting coached from burnout in my previous job.  I decided to get certified as a coach and started my business while raising my baby at the same time. 

Picking up where we left off…

“Ok, that didn’t work.  Maybe working early in the morning after his feeding would be a good idea.”  Lesson learned: Social media posts at 2 am in the morning while sleep deprived is never a good idea

As time went on, I fell into a vicious cycle of trying to do it all in the short amount of time I had.  The first year of business and motherhood was a hot mess.  I tried to do so much in the limited time I had.  I was exhausted, frazzled, stressed and overwhelmed. The chaos of balancing diapers and deadlines was starting to take its toll.  I wanted to burn my business to the ground.  Something had to change.

 I refused to let this be the end of my entrepreneurial journey.

Drawing upon my expertise as a psychiatrist and coach, I embarked on figuring out how to reclaim my time and get a handle on the emotional rollercoaster that often accompanies the business-mom life.

I became my own guinea pig, putting my newfound strategies to the test while juggling the demands of entrepreneurship and caring for my young son. With each step forward, I learned valuable lessons and fine-tuned my approach until I struck gold.

It wasn’t easy, but through trial and error, I developed a plan that truly worked.

That plan is called Biz Mom Balance Blueprint. 

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I created the Biz Mom Balance Blueprint so you could easily...

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On my bookshelf

These are books that are I loved reading or on my shelf to read next.  I hope you enjoy them too! 

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My Core Values

What I hold near and dear to my heart

Mission Statement

To help busy mom business owners reclaim their time and create a business that aligns with their family and crazy schedule.

This is me in a nutshell

If you are still reading this, I take it as a sign that you are liking what you are reading.   That makes you awesome in my books. 😊

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