Career burnout, gender inequality, toxic work environment. You name it; I lived it.

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Celia Varghese MD

Hi, My name is

Celia Varghese, MD.

I’m a board certified psychiatrist. I spent my 20’s in medical school, completed residency at Drexel University Adult Psychiatry program and then started my first job as an attending. I thought…this is it. I’m in a stable, successful career and all my hard work has paid off! All the pieces were coming together. Or so I thought.

As I continued to work as an attending, I realized that this was not the career that I envisioned.

Each morning as I drove to work, my dread and anxiety grew.

“What is waiting for me at work today?” “Am I going to be double-booked again?” “I am tired of being treated differently for being a woman physician.” “I wonder how late I will stay today to keep on top of things…” “I don’t even know if medicine is right for me!”

Those were the constant thoughts that played over and over in my head like an earworm.

The worst part was that it was a self-fulfilling prophecy. My days were filled with high acuity patients; front desk constantly asking if I could squeeze patients into an already fully-booked schedule; sacrificing my lunch and administrative time for their requests; and staying late in the clinic to catch up on charting, alerts, emails and voicemail. My car was always the last one to leave the parking lot.

This typical day turned in weeks, months and finally years.

In the meantime, I was burning out. However, as taught in medical school and residency: you push through it and take care of everyone’s needs before your own.

I did this for years until I reached my breaking point after experiencing a moral injury.

“I can’t do this. I can’t believe I worked so hard, sacrificed so much time and my life as a doctor only to feel so worn out and miserable. Something needs to change”​

I reached out to a life coach for help with clarification on what direction to go with in my career.

“Yes, I can help you. My approach is different from others. I am not going to tell you what to do, how to fix up your CV or who you should network with. I am going to show you and teach you how to manage your mind.”

I had an internal conflict. The psychiatrist in me knew the power of thought work. However, I was used to knowing what to do and how to do it since medicine is a well-laid-out path.

I decided to go all in and trust my coach.

What I got was beyond what I expected. I worked on myself and how I was approaching my life circumstances. I was able to process and deal with the burnout. I could recognize the good and bad of a workday instead only seeing the negative (something, I never thought would happen!!). I incorporated boundaries at work and stood up to the patriarchal system when they pushed back.

I made decisions from a place of strength.

And in it, I started to heal and remember who I was.

I am more than just a doctor.

I am Celia who wants to continue to help others who are pursuing their ideal career. I am embracing my own roles as a psychiatrist, entrepreneur, wife, and mom.

I am creating my unique identity.

I am a psychiatrist turned career clarity coach following my true calling in life: coaching women physicians to create their dream career.

What does your identity shift look like?

Maybe you don’t want to leave the medical field… but you know your ideal life includes something more! Maybe you have forgotten dreams from earlier in life or undiscovered dreams in your present?

Maybe your new identity means starting an incredible side gig to compliment your life as a physician! Maybe you want to make a change but don’t know how.

Let’s figure it out together.

Working with an expert career coach

Be the boss of your career instead of your career being the boss of you.

With my extensive therapeutic background and coaching skills, you get the best of both worlds in terms of receiving expert guidance in cultivating your ideal life. Life coaching is the quickest way to get there and we will work together to achieve the life you dreamed of having.

What are some of the benefits of working with me?


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My Core Values

What I hold near and dear to my heart in my business.

Like how this sounds?

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